The Gleanings Project – Food Security for All

In accord with the mission of the Athanatos Foundation and its goal to not merely dispense charity, but equip people to obtain higher levels of self-sufficiency, the foundation’s Gleanings Project has multiple components, designed to meet people in the various economic conditions they may be in.

1.  Direct donation of food.

In association with Wisconsin-based Dynamite Harvest, LLC, The Athanatos Foundation will directly donate pesticide and herbicide-free produce to families that need it, potentially directly, but primarily through donations to food banks, etc.

2. Home Gardens For All

Also in association with Dynamite Harvest, LLC, the Athanatos Foundation will finance research into developing growing plots that can be established in small backyards, patios, etc.  The results of this research will be used to formulate various seed packages, accompanied by educational materials, that are then distributed to individuals and families, subsidized by the Athanatos Foundation and its donors.

The goal of our research is simple: to take the smallest space possible and produce the greatest yield possible by people who are not expected to be competent gardeners.

Both of these components are currently under active development.  Would you like to help?  Donate to the Athanatos Foundation now!

3. Produce Care Packages

In one of those great ironies, unhealthy food is much more affordable than healthy food.  That means the people who need quality nutrition the most cannot afford it.  Instead, they end up buying a lot of heavily processed foods that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, etc.  Fresh produce is expensive, relatively speaking.  Coming soon: The Athanatos Foundation is developing a program by which interested parties can ship fresh produce to worthy individuals and families that otherwise couldn’t afford it.  Watch this space for more information!