A Gift of Fresh Produce To Those Who Need it Most


Dynamite Harvest, in association with The Athanatos Foundation, will be donating fresh produce to crisis pregnancy centers and other organizations where people are in desperate need for fresh produce… but can’t afford it.

Along with providing healthy, naturally grown food, educational videos will be produced that help people actually cook the stuff. All of us are probably a little too used to foods prepared for us in factories, so these videos, produced with the expert help of Dynamite Harvest’s farm manager, won’t just help young parents, but the rest of us, too. See this video as an example of the sort of educational videos that will be produced.

Giving away produce to vulnerable families is a noble cause and we hope that you will join us, so we can feed as many as we possibly can.

The Athanatos Foundation is a tax exempt 501c3 organization. Your donations are tax exempt, if you choose to go that route.

Dynamite Harvest pro-life pregnancy cooking lessonAt the tail end of 2022, a pilot program was initiated with the Abiding Care pregnancy center in Medford, WI.  Abiding Care developed a program that prompted the receiving women and families to not let the fresh produce go to waste. 5 women joined the program. We went out to the center with 5 grocery bags of fresh produce (1 bag for each woman) and Jake, the Dynamite Harvest manager, gave a cooking lesson on how to prepare and enjoy the produce.  (Featured: Delicata squash; we did more, though, look at the pic.)

In 2023, two more centers were served. First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center in Stevens Point and Apple Pregnancy Care in Eau Claire also received bags of produce to give out to women.  Between the three centers, more than 25 women received more than 80 bags of fresh, naturally grown produce, at no cost to them. The goal for 2024 is to raise additional funds so that at least

Learn more about Dynamite Harvest at: https://dynamiteharvest.com/



Our goal for 2024 is to raise at least $10,000. (A stretch goal exists, too. Contact us if you would like to consider giving even more.) This would allow us to donate about $100 worth of produce per month, for 4-5 months (June-October), to about 40-60 families.

Additionally, it will finance the production of 3-5 educational videos on how to prepare and eat fresh produce.


Jake getting ready for the lesson. Our donated bags of produce in the foreground.