Conclusion of the 2023 Pro-Life Produce Program

In 2023, in partnership with Dynamite Harvest, the Athanatos Foundation donated 82 bags of produce to about 26 women. People donated about $3,000 to the program this year, and as of this delivery, the value of all the bags delivered is $3,056.

Sign seen at the banquet


My wife and I had the opportunity to attend the annual banquet hosted by First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center in Steven’s Point in early October, 2023, and were surprised to see Dynamite Harvest featured on a sign. This was an unexpected gesture and much appreciated.

(The information on the sign was from an update earlier in the summer)

It is always awkward to accept thanks for generosity, and all the more when you know that you weren’t the only one who was generous. Our pro-life produce program was supported by about a dozen donors. Without them, the program simply could not have happened.

Actually, all three centers have expressed gratitude. It has been relayed to us by them that the 26 women served were deeply touched by the donations of produce. Consider this message now relayed to you, our donors. And let it be an invitation to others to join us in next year’s program!

Our goals for next year:

  • Increase the frequency of deliveries
  • Increase the amount of produce donated to each person
  • Improve the delivery process
  • Develop and expand the educational component

A cooking lesson given at Abiding Care Pregnancy Resource Center in 2022.

These are all things we wanted to do this year, but could not. The bottom line is that we can’t do these things without sacrificing business operations–and if we don’t conduct business, we can’t do anything. So, we need to increase our donations to compensate for giving up the time used for other aspects of the business.

Our financial goal for next year, then, is to raise at least $10,000.

We have already received a number of pledges and we are very grateful for them. Because of these pledges, we have already committed to doing the program again next year. But we know we can provide even more value to the services we’re donating to these pregnancy centers and to the families receiving the produce, and we hope that we can raise enough in donations to do so.

If you have already pledged, would you seek out people in your circle and invite them to consider donating to the program? If you haven’t yet joined us, would you consider doing so, now?

You can receive a tax deduction for your donation if you like by donating to the Athanatos Foundation. If you are not concerned about the tax deduction, you can donate using the Dynamite Harvest ‘shopping’ cart link, here.

Winter is almost upon us, which means that Jake (our farm manager) and I (the owner) won’t be doing much in the field, so if you want us to come and talk face to face with possible donors, or speak to churches, schools, or groups about it, we are certainly willing to consider doing that.

For that matter, Jake and I are touring, giving some (slightly funny, but very tasty) on-site cooking lessons.  (See here.) This could be another avenue for us to connect with people interested in supporting this program.

If you would like to make a pledge or have any questions feel free to reach out to Tony at