Worldviews in Collision by Randall Hroziencik


Kindle | Paperback

ISBN: 1947844318 | Length: 270 pages | Genre: Theology, Religion & Spirituality

The author had been a skeptic of organized religion in general, and Christianity in particular, in his younger years. Then he was challenged to examine if Christianity had any real evidence in its favor. This book chronicles that examination of the Christian faith, which led to his journey from skepticism to Christ. The evidences for God, Christ, and the divine authority of the Bible are addressed, always in the context of how they compare to atheism, pantheism, and deism, which are the other dominant worldviews today.

The relationship between faith and reason, and the problem of suffering, are included as well. For the benefit of the reader, the example of Paul sharing his faith with the Athenian philosophers of his time (Acts 17:16-34) is covered in detail. This was truly “Worldviews in Collision.”

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