The Myth of Scientific Certainty: Scientific Theory and Christian Engagement by Collin Brendemuehl


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ISBN: 1947844393 | Length: 122 pages | Genre: Epistemology, Apologetics, History & Philosophy

Some recent writings of the new atheist movement and those of a neo-empiricist mindset have shown, not just Christians, but the whole of the scientific community that there is a need for scientists to communicate their conclusions more accurately than before. Much of what we read may be tainted with some editorializing that pretends to be science. Some Christian apologists have written around the subject but this work attempts to tackle it directly. Likewise some recent philosophers of science have also addressed some specific material for its weaknesses. The assumptions and the prejudices of the researcher may become a part of the process itself. Some discernment is important for both the scientist and the lay person reading this material to understand the difference. This work intends to help the Christian do science without that burden. It should also be helpful to scientists in general for improving their communication.

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