How Julian the Apostate Defeated the Church in America by Anthony Horvath

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ASIN: B019AHMQHS | Length: 33 pages | Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Many people, Christians included, think that the American Church only cares about abortion and gay marriage. How did this come to be? In this essay, Christian apologist Anthony Horvath makes the following argument: Many of the other issues that Christians care about have been turned over to the State to administer, such as education and charity. Importantly, they get no credit for doing this. This is illustrated by accusations that Christians only care about the unborn, and not the born; the fact that Christians themselves were instrumental in erecting the ‘social safety net’ is completely forgotten. To make matters worse, these various programs are not usually administered by Christians. They are administered by secularists, who have their own ideas about what constitutes ‘education’ and ‘charity.’ None of this is particularly new. The Roman Emperor known as Julian the Apostate recognized early on that unless he took over the good things that Christians were doing, the Christian Church would continue to expand. What he did by force, Christians have brought upon their own heads. Now what?

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