The Binding Laws Governing Our Present Intellectual Anarchy by Anthony Horvath

Smashwords Edition


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Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9781476167893 | Length: 3,890 words | Genre: Political Nonfiction

Are there laws that govern anarchy? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? It is, but it is Horvath’s premise that intellectual anarchy is unhindered by such trivialities, with consequences that are far reaching and profoundly dangerous. What are the rules that govern anarchy? Rule 1: There are no rules, we can do as we please for as long as we want, however we want. Rule 2: People who say there are rules are evil, and must be opposed as intolerant. Rule 3: Now, let me, the enlightened intellectual, make you some rules… for your own good, of course. Who among us engages in such convoluted thinking? Horvath argues that Progressives are the biggest culprits, but suggests that all of us have at least a little anarchy in us.

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