Beyond the Steel Wall by Robert Cely


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ISBN: 1936830612 | Length: 188 pages | Genre: Literature & Fiction

Modern man has carved out for himself a place of safety and comfort in the world. It is a world great in pleasure and weak in danger. It is a world where pain and deprivation are the greatest evils of all, where men grow fat and lazy, weak in mind and soft in tooth.

Surrounding this world fashioned in plenty and pleasure looms a steel wall, the boundary of which should not be crossed save for the bravest souls of men. For beyond this you leave behind your silkened sheets and perfumed pillows, your broad highways and brightly-lit boulevards. You leave behind the safety of your policemen, the conveniences of your machines, the familiarity of your manicured lawns, the pleasure of your plastic women, the oblivion of your beer and sport, all under the reassuring flash and ever-present flare of digital lights dancing in the midnight shadows.

Beyond this wall waits peril and danger, pain, loss, suffering, and the mad temptations of a thousand wild devils. Beyond this wall churns an unpredictable world that runs deep with the blood of powerful and ancient things, magic spills out from the borders of the unseen and touches the frightened visage of our eyes. Beyond this wall looms death. Beyond this wall your destiny waits.

Like everyone else in the city Alistair has all that he needs. There is plenty of food and fun, and everyone has a job, even if it’s a boring job. Everything a man needs is there except for adventure. But where do you find adventure in a world where there is none? The only choice may be to go beyond the steel wall that surrounds the city, the wall which is strictly forbidden to cross. It is said that great danger lies  beyond it. What better place to find adventure than there?

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