Apologetics For Tweens: Email and Phone Support


Due to Wayfair vs. S.D., businesses must now comply with the sales tax collection laws of all 50 states.  This is impossible for a small publisher like Athanatos, therefore we no longer will sell products directly.  Buy them on Amazon or BarnesandNoble instead.  Thank goodness for big business or there would soon be no business at all!  To purchase Apologetics for Tweens you can find them on all major online retailers or you can contact the author directly at tjgconsult @ aol.com.


Apologetics for Tweens is a one year curriculum with weekly scripture and apologetics lessons for 5th through 8th graders. It is the result of 13 years working with Christian youth at a Baptist church, particularly ages 10-14.

It is available as a set, or individually.  See all items, here.

Phone and email support is available for this curriculum.  Your purchase of this support will give you phone and email support for 6 months (limit of 2 hours on the telephone/skype).