by Ghazwan Saaid

Ghazwan Saaid has been with Paley, Whatley, & Greenleaf Press since 2017.

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*Author Interview*

Q1: Why do you write?

I write because there are a lot of things inside me I need to get it out and share it with others. I want to tell people about all the thoughts I have and things I experienced. When I write, I want to explore all the hidden corners of this world in which we live. Writing gives me a full space of capability to express all my sorrow, fears, disperse and happiness. There was a time I was unable to change the outcomes of the event around me; I stood powerless. I write so I can change myself and others around me, and defeat the evil. I didn’t choose writing; writing chose me as a messenger for all the human despair, struggling and injustice.

Q2: How would you describe your writing ‘method’?

I take all my “words” From people. First, I keep myself close to the people, so I can feel them better and understand them better. In writing, I don’t know what is coming next. I just trust my words. I don’t think too much about what I am writing. I let my creatures develop and advance in their route. I Believe in my writing. I collect the words in lines and passages with love and care like an enamored wife preparing a special meal for her beloved husband. She puts all her passion and love in what she is cooking. So, I think of my reader as my partner. I need to give them the best and gain their heart and care for every detail even the small ones.  

Q3: How would you respond to the classic question, “Is there Christian art, or artists who are Christians?”

Any art should be coming out from people’s needs. It must express them and talk about them. The art that signifies people is the art that will survive. It will last for a long time. Christianity lasted for more than 2000 years. So, I think it satisfied nations at least through that history. Art is the language of the soul, and only if Christian artists let themselves to be led by soul and spirit, then they would perform humanly and expressively. From the country I came from, Christian artists had not even a single chance to write or perform whatever they wanted. They had to develop unique methods, new ways of how to write what they wanted without being killed.

Q4: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Nothing is impossible, nothing is out of our reach. I was born in a simple family, not very intellectual. I became an architect because that’s what they used to encourage me to do, for seeking high society positions and wealth. When my heart and soul were touched, I recognized there is more to be done. English is not my home language, it’s my third language. When I came to the states, I barely could talk and read. But I had a will and desire to reach others with my words. And I was blessed with a lot of friends who believed in what I have. So, open your heart, believe in yourself, work hard and make friends.

Q5: Which of your creations has brought you the most joy?

The characters who challenge their environment, confront the hard community and their strict families. Each time one of my creations discover something new and unwrap his inner soul, I feel excited and happy at that point as my creation is evolving and climbing to his goal and destiny. It’s like I am climbing with him and catching my destiny.  Creations that overcome their failure and start again, they are not restricted by the community’s rules and fears.

Q6: Which has brought you the most heartache?

In my dreams, I see myself grappling with creations like Isis, its followers, and all the evil characters. They are everywhere, and they want to enforce their way of life. I run away from them, and at the same time, I go back to face their evil. They give me heartache when they don’t want to see life differently, in a beautiful way. The smoke ghost was unpredictable; I couldn’t anticipate his moves, he was like water you can’t hold it in your fingers. Writing in English was not easy for me sometimes when I am describing my creations the intended word vanished out of my keyboard leaving me unable to produce the event perfectly. At that time, I depend on my heart and passion and write any simple word would come in my mind.

Q7: Is there anything you’d like to say?

For me just being able to write all that I want in freedom, unafraid of being killed or kidnaped that is a great achievement. I can enjoy now what I am doing.

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