by Lynn Fredrick

Lynn Fredrick has been with Athanatos since 2017.

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*Author Interview*

Q1: Why do you write?

I write primarily because I feel compelled from within to do so. The creator God has led me on a journey from bondage to sin and the resulting separation from God into a saving relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. I write about my own life, my childhood physical and sexual abuse and using addiction as a coping mechanism for many years. I write about how God intervened in my life, saved me from a collision course with spiritual and physical death, healed my brokenness and transformed my life by the power of His word. I am God’s ambassador, appointed to proclaim in writing and speaking God’s love, grace, forgiveness and healing power for the broken. God has abundantly given all these things to me, resulting in a compulsion to write about all I know and what God has done for me so that it might help someone who needs to hear there is hope and help. I write so that when God leads me from this life I do not take the wisdom and knowledge God has given me over 26 years of recovery with me but I leave it behind to benefit others.

Q2: How would you describe your writing ‘method’?

I would describe my writing method as being practical and real for day to day human life. All people struggle with issues in life on earth. God has given us practical, easy to follow principles and guidelines that benefit all people to live the most content and peaceful life possible. My writing method would reflect a boldness and honesty about myself, using words to describe how anyone can do that.

Q3: How would you respond to the classic question, “Is there Christian art, or artists who are Christians?”

As an author I believe I am expressing an art form. I am also a Christian. I do not compare in ability to a great author like C.S. Lewis who also professed Christianity. Someone may criticize my artistic ability but I really don’t know anyone, of sane mind, that would say of Lewis that because of his Christian faith he wasn’t an artist. The same would be true of my wife who is a gifted portrait artist and a Christian and my brother, who has a master in the cello, conducted orchestra for 35 years and played in a major city orchestra, yes he too is a professing Christian. It is my opinion that anyone who would say that there are not Christian artists or Christian art not only discount 1000’s of years of History but they do not see with their eyes, hear with their ears or think with their mind they merely dislike Christians.

Q4: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Get tough and don’t expect wealth. Write because you believe in what you do, that your message is the most important thing in life to proclaim, get behind your work and promote it. Know one will do more to sell your book than you. Go for it, don’t leave it unsaid.

Q5: Which of your creations has brought you the most joy?

Although I have written articles for a monthly Christian news publication for over a year my single book, Stand Firm. From the Darkness of Pornography and Sexual Sin into the Light of God’s Grace, has brought the most joy.

Q6: Which has brought you the most heartache?

Some of the articles I write for a newspaper publication bring the most heartache. I provide my personal contact information at the end of my articles so sometimes I receive phone calls from people caught in sex trafficking or from spouses whose mate is involved in pornography and the resulting family destruction that is occurring. My articles bring hope to others but they also bring me into their lives where I feel their pain.

Q7: Is there anything you’d like to say?

Yes. When it comes to the issues of pornography and sex trafficking the church needs to get it’s head out of where it is concealed and recognize the fact that the former is considered an epidemic by the American Association of Christian Counselors and a pandemic by the national organization, Morality in Media. Sex Trafficking is occurring all around us even in the remote counties of the midwest. For 40 years the church does nothing or very little to address the issues so they exist in the church to the extent they exist outside the church. I don’t believe the church will survive another generation if we do not address the sickness that exists in our own body. If we are going to stop the demand for immorality we need to stop it first in the heart and life of each Christian and thereby in the body of Christ, the church. I sat in on a sermon delivered by a missionary to the United States from Uganda Africa, his message to us was to repent and return to our first love, Jesus first in all things and our life committed to follow Him in all our ways. I believe we need to talk about porn and sex trafficking in our church until we reflect the message given by the third world missionary.

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