by Joseph Keysor

Joseph Keysor has been with Athanatos since 2009.

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*Author Interview*

Q1: Why do I write?

I believe that writing is somehow a part of what I am supposed to do with my life, and if I do not write I am not truly fulfilling the purpose for which I was made.

Q2: How would you describe your writing method?

My writing method consists of first, having an abiding interest in a subject; second, reading about it from differing points of view, and making note of facts or ideas that seem significant, thinking at the same time what needs to be written and how; third, when it seems that I have enough material, to go back over the notes and organize them in different categories according to subject, thinking during this process also of what I might want to write and how.

After having gotten this far I generally have an idea of at least how I want to begin, and start with an introduction, and follow from there where the trail seems to lead, crossing out portions of notes once used. This leads to a completed chapter, which I read and revise numerous times, trying to imagine how it might seem to those who might agree or disagree with it. Of course, feedback from other readers is also valuable.

Q3: Is there Christian art, or artists who are Christians?

I am not sure how to answer that. If a Christian paints a still-life of a bowl of fruit most people would not call that a “Christian” painting. If a Renaissance painter who lived an immoral lifestyle and had no real interest in the Bible received a commission to do a painting on a religious theme most would call the result “Christian.” I suppose we have to go by subject matter, which means a painting is called Christian apart from the motives of whoever painted it. That is of course the world’s definition.

Q4: Words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Writing is of secondary importance, there are always higher and better things that should engage our attention. Those higher things should be at the heart of all we do and write.

Q5-6: Which creations have brought you the most joy and heartache?

None of my creations have ever brought me real and abiding joy or heartache. For me, joy and heartache are experienced on a different level entirely. Writing has brought me some satisfaction, some happiness and fulfillment, some disappointment, but all of that has been transitory, something less than what I most need for completion.

Q7: Is there anything you’d like to say?

We should always seek what is highest and best in life, and let the writing follow of its own accord. Those who aim at being a great writer will miss being a great writer.