by Bernard Bull

Bernard Bull has been with Athanatos since 2016 and spoke at Athanatos Fest 2017.

Bernard Bull is Chief Innovation Officer, Assistant Vice President of Academics, and Associate Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin. He is the author of Missional Moonshots: Insight and Inspiration in Educational Innovation, What Really Matters: Critical Issues in Contemporary Education, and Adventures in Self-Directed Learning: Nurturing Learner Agency and Ownership. He is also editor of The Pedagogy of Faith, and author of the forthcoming book, Digitized: Spiritual Implications of Technology. In addition to blogging on topics related to educational innovation at and hosting the MoonshotEduShow Podcast, he has written for a variety of publications including The Homeschool Handbook, The Chronicle of Higher Education, TechTrends, and Issues in Christian Education. You can follow him on Twitter @BernardBull. Website | Amazon | Goodreads

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