Stand Firm by Lynn Fredrick


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ISBN: 1947844008 | Length: 124 pages | Genre: Christian Living

Lynn Fredrick: “I once believed I deserved to be hurt. I thought abuse was normal, too. I thought taking the blame for everything and everyone was normal too. Consequently, I used sex as medication to make myself feel better. It was the only thing I knew. I was stuck in a childhood belief system that wasn’t working in my adult life, yet it dictated my behavior for decades. I was a grown man who sought the Promised Land of freedom from sexual sin, but I was too fearful to cross my own personal Red Sea. Unless I changed my core belief system, nothing would ever change for the better in life or in my behavior. This book is my story of how one person can stand firm against the temptations of the flesh and experience an incredible newness of life.”

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