ACM Ministry Needs

ACM has the following needs.? Your help in meeting those needs would be greatly appreciated.? Use the ‘donate‘ link or email Anthony at for more information.

Athanatos Festival

2016 Athanatos Festival Debt: $8,000 — new total: 7,800.

2017 Athanatos Festival Budget (with Passion Experience): $15,000 to $20,000

  • $3,000 – tent rental *****
  • $5,000 – honorariums
  • $1,000 – porta-potties
  • $1,000 – insurance
  • $5,000 – advertising and promotion
  • $5,000 – Passion Experience: set construction, costumes, etc. *****

***** Potentially a ‘one time’ expense.? For example, purchasing the tents outright would pay for itself very quickly. But they cost between? $10,000 and $20,000.

Pro-life Activism

$2,500 /yr – Each year, Anthony visits churches and legislators, primarily within Wisconsin, advocating for life issues.? Materials are distributed, which must first be printed.? Materials are mailed–which requires postage. Some amount of promotion takes place as well (press releases, etc.)


ACM presently rents a portion of a building on main street in Greenwood, WI.? This building is for sale.? Acquiring it would allow ACM to collect the rent on the other units in the building, creating a revenue stream.? Some of the units can be set aside for housing ACM’s guests and visitors, or provide emergency housing for those in need. — $85,000.

Office needs:

  • High quality video camera: $750
  • Computer that can process large video files: $2,500
  • Software for editing large video files: $750.


ACM is busting at the seams when it comes to the workload.? Funding for the following positions would be clutch.

  • Sales — we need a real go-getter who can do the traditional ‘sales’ type job of doing cold calls, generating leads, etc.
  • Publicist — This could also be the sales person, but the nature of the ‘sales’ being done is unique enough a traditional publicist is justified.
  • Office manager / Accountant — A bigger organization needs more coordinating.
  • Another Anthony Horvath. — There are number of apologetic/programming/ministry projects that have had to be put on hold for lack of time and resources.? Another person with Horvath’s passions and skillset could bring these into existence and sustain them properly.

Note: Horvath does not presently take a salary, himself.? If you’d like to fund his salary, contact him at